Learning Support Centre

Our Learning Support Centre is a great place to be.

It is a quiet, supervised area, open all day with a teacher and teacher’s aides present at all times.

The Support Centre is a haven for any students requiring individual attention. Students really do enjoy the time they spend in the centre.

We aim to help students:

  • improve their self esteem
  • cope after long periods of illness
  • with an individual programme when they don’t cope with class
  • with intensive reading options
  • who are new to the school with an orientation and testing programme
  • who need a quiet place to study with Correspondence School material
  • who need some intensive remedial work
  • who need help with their personal organisation
  • who need special assistance because of a disability
  • who need a time-out place for a variety of reasons: anti-social behaviour, personality clashes, trouble at home, appropriate behaviour reinforcing
  • who need support after counselling
  • for whom English is a second language
  • working on transition programmes
  • learn life skills
  • who are ORRS funded

What are the advantages for students?

  • individual needs can be met
  • individual testing can take place
  • positive role models are provided by Year 13 peer tutors and senior correspondence students
  • gives positive help instead of reinforcing negative behaviour
  • gives time-out if necessary for students and teachers

Parents and students can request assistance with skills in subjects. Usually this is done by contacting the relevant year dean or form teacher, who will then work through the referral process.