NZ Secondary School Structure

  • A student’s form or year level will depend on age.
  • Subjects can be studied at multiple levels, e.g. a Year 12 student may study Year 11 science, or Year 13 Chemistry.
  • The level at which a subject is studied depends on the student’s ability in the subject and on his/her level of English.
  • Student will be given help to choose subjects at the right level.
  • If a student’s level of English does not meet minimum requirements, we may request that they transfer to an English language school.

You will be qualified for entrance to a university in New Zealand if you have obtained:

  • a minimum of 42 credits at level 3, including a minimum of 14 credits at level 3 in each of two subjects, with a further 14 credits at level 3 or higher taken from no more than two additional level 3 subjects
  • a minimum of 14 credits at level 1 or higher in Mathematics
  • a minimum of 8 credits at level 2 or higher in English or Te Reo Maori (4 credits must be in Reading and 4 credits must be in Writing)

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