NZ Secondary School Structure

  • A student’s form or year level does not depend on age alone.
  • Subjects can be studied at multiple levels, e.g. a talented Year 12 student may study Year 13 Chemistry. In fact three Year 11 students did Year 13 Chemistry in 2015, passing it with Excellence and achieving Scholarship pass rates.
  • Students will be given help to choose subjects at the right level.

  • Students for whom English is not their first language are catered for in a range of ways, according to their needs.

You will be qualified for entrance to a university in New Zealand if you have obtained:

Three subjects – at Level 3, made up of:

  • 14 credits each, in three approved subjects

Literacy – 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of:

  • 5 credits in reading
  • 5 credits in writing

Numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of:

  • achievement standards – specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects, or
  • unit standards – package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627- all three required).

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