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Click here to see our e-Device poster which clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the school and students / caregivers.

Digital Citizenship Agreement

Laptop Requirements for 2017

eLearning Taradale High School: Will Your Son / Daughter Need a Laptop?

Taradale High School is committed to providing a quality education for all students which involves a blended approach of eLearning and traditional classroom teaching. Over the last two years we have promoted a staged introduction of laptops in Year 9 and 10. From 2017 all students will require a laptop.

Better access to computers when they are needed

We are promoting Quality learning, anytime, anywhere. When students have laptops, they have the flexibility of computing power anytime they need it. Over recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for classes to get access to a computer room. We also want students to be able to work seamlessly at home and at school which is facilitated by students having their own device.

Year 9 – 13 (All students must have a laptop).

Financial Assistance from THS

Families who meet the criteria for receiving Financial Assistance may apply to buy or loan a pre-loved laptop from the school as a stationery item. If you are on a Benefit or have a Community Services Card, you are likely to meet the criteria. Financial Assistance Application Form available here.  There will be two options available:

Loan Computers

Loan computers are assigned to an individual student for their exclusive use. They need to be collected from the library each morning and returned each afternoon. They are NOT to be taken home.

Rent to Own Computer

Students need to have a clear financial account, to pay a $50 deposit and to set up an AP to pay $30 per month to the school. As long as the student looks after the device, once $360 is paid the student will own the computer.

Specifications if Buying Laptop Elsewhere

If buying from elsewhere, these are the minimum recommended Specifications for Laptops

a) A Windows operating system is preferable for our network. NOT A CHROMEBOOK.

b) Capable of connecting wirelessly to the school network.

c) Preferably enough battery to last a day

d) Not too heavy! I suggest an 11.6 inch screen is a good compromise between weight and size.

Nice, But Not Essential

a) Stylus capable (This allow the greatest opportunity for the user to interact with the digital content) but these are still pretty expensive.

b) Warranty and insurance (If you purchase the device through PB Tech you can purchase three years warranty and insurance for around $86).

Purchase Options

The school buys all its computer equipment from PB Tech who will offer our parents the same education prices as they offer us. This link has a number of options all of which would be suitable.


PB Tech also offer finance plans


Introduction to Office 365

Office 365 is an online version of Microsoft Office but much, much more! It provides the functionality whereby students and staff can save their work to the cloud, can continue working on material seamlessly at home and at school.

I have listed below some of the functionality afforded by Office 365

1) Outlook: All students have an Outlook account consisting of their user name eg

2) A calendar which displays school events as well as providing a personal calendar for students and staff

3) People: Is a Contacts area, all staff and student contact details are preloaded

4) One Drive: Provides on line storage for staff and students, allows upto 100 people to work collaboratively on the same document.

5) Allows staff to share curriculum resources with students

6) Allows students to hand in material to their teachers

7) Allows staff to monitor student work

8) Provides a video library

9) Provides online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote free of charge

10) Each student is able to install Microsoft Office on 5 devices at home free of charge which is upto $1000 value

Please refer to the THS Sharepoint Office 365 Student Manual for more information on Office 365 on the school Website under Information


Student Guide to Office 365

Please click here for more information on THS Office 365 Student Guide.

THS Student Digital Citizen Agreement

Please click here to download this form.

Installing the KAMAR App

Kamar has developed both an Android and Apple App which allows students and parents to access the same information on their phones as can be viewed in the Parent / Student Portal.

This would be useful for accessing the daily notices, attendance information, timetables, past reports and financial information and a whole lot more.


1)      Download the Application

2)      Install

3)      Open and click on Settings

4)      Enter the server address

5)      Logon  is the student’s network logon, e.g., 10marjoh  etc

6)      Password is the password which has been emailed to parents at report time

7)      It is possible to save the user name and password in the settings area




Installing Microsoft Office Suite from Office 365

1.   Browse to and log in using your school username and password.
2.   Once logged in click on the  Symbol  and select   Office 365 Settings

3.   Select   Install Manage Software

4.   The Microsoft office suite icons will be showing on this page.

Office Symbols


If you do not see the suite icons then please ask your teacher to contact the helpdesk.

5.   Click  install   This will download an installer. Click on the file to run the installer.

6.   When the installer starts choose ‘Next’ then ‘Accept’. Office 2013 applications will now install in the background.

7.   Students are able to install the Microsoft suite on up to 5 devices but the license is only valid while they are a student at Taradale High School.


PB Tech

If you are looking to buy a computer

Check out PB Tech who offer a big range and very reasonable insurance and extended warranty with no excess at only 13%.