Year 9 Aquatics Permission Form

March 22, 2016

Can all Year 9 parents please read and sign the attached Aquatics Permission Form.

Permission Form from the PE Department

2 Responses to “Year 9 Aquatics Permission Form”

  1. Tracey Brough says:

    Just wondering…was this $25.00 included in the school fees? Fine if it wasn’t, but I just don’t want to pay twice. So if you could let me know, that would be appreciated.

    Tracey :)

    • ths says:

      Hi Tracey, yes this was already on the students’ accounts so it you have already paid this online or via an automatic payment you have set up, then you do not need to pay it again. Any queries, please ring the main office as they’ll be more than happy to check your son or daughter’s account.

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