International Highlights

Congratulations to Yunji . . .


Yunji Kim in her first year of study at Taradale High school achieved an outstanding 902/1000 (third highest score out of all year 9 students). Yunji not only achieved Junior Diploma with distinction, she was also elected class representative on to the student council, where she makes a valuable contribution.

Amazing Speech . . .

Arisa Hama recently got second in the Year 11 Speech finals. This is a wonderful achievement for Arisa and shows what a  confident and capable user of English she has become.  Her speech was on `Water’ and teachers were very impressed the content and delivery.

Arisa Hama

High Achieving . . .

Last month Manon Martinez sat TOEIC (test of English) at New Horizon College of English and gained a score of 905 out of 990. The NZ average for this test is 619 and usually over 600 is the score required for university entrance. Only the top 5-10% get in the 900s. Manon started THS Term 4 2012 and will go back to France in 3 weeks time. She has loved her period of study at THS and would recommend the experience to anyone. The best thing has been the wonderful close  relationship she has developed with her host sister. Manon says that in France you learn how to learn, and in New Zealand you learn how to love learning. She says her English has improved greatly. Manon is hopeful that her excellent results in TOEIC will give her an advantage when she returns home.

Manon Martinez

Congratulations to . . .

  • Christina (Yena) Lee, Head of International Students, who received excellence at Level 2 NCEA which is a fantastic achievement!
  • Sandy (Soo Hyun) Lee, Head of International Students with Christina, for achieving Merit at Level 2 NCEA.

These two leaders are great role models, and are very supportive of all the new international students at school this year.

Christina (left) and Sandy (right), our Heads of International Students


Christina Lee and Ashleigh Boyce during Athletics Sports Day

International Outdoor Education

See the gallery below, which shows our International Students enjoying some of what the Great Outdoors has to offer in New Zealand.