Previous Students’ Success Stories

We love to hear how our students’ fare as they go on to further study and out into the world, hopefully this page will be added to over time.

Jamie Ji and Yajun Mo

Jamie and Yajun


In just one year of study at Taradale High School Jamie Ji from China achieved NCEA level 3 with Merit. He gained 48 excellence endorsements and passed every credit he sat. Yajun Mo also gained NCEA level 3 with Merit in just eighteen months of study. She is now studying business at Monash university in Melbourne. Both these students acknowledged the wonderful help and support given to them by their teachers.

Pedro Mouzar and Juliana Calsavara

Pedro and Juliana


During his year of study Pedro showed excellent leadership skills. He was commended highly for the support he gave to other students, and was awarded the International Student trophy for contribution to the school. At Taradale High School, Pedro studied Hospitality and discovered he had a passion for cooking. As a result he is now studying Hospitality at university. In his own words Pedro says:

`I think about everyone back in New Zealand every single day. I really miss my host Family (which were the best people I could have lived with); I miss all of my teachers and the international department and my kiwi and international friends. I’m studying hospitality/cooking in my university. I thank my year in New Zealand for that, because I discovered I could cook back there’.


Nossa experiencia na Nova Zelândia foi bem mais que uma viagem, foi uma vida em um ano. Nossas famílias foram mais do que simples famílias hospedeiras, eles foram amigos e com certeza uma família de verdade para nós! A escola e professores foram grandes apoios em qualquer decisão que tomávamos dentro e fora da escola e em qualquer dificuldade e as amizades que tivemos foram laços formados para o resto da vida!


Our experience in New Zealand was much more than a trip, it was a life in a year. Our families were more than just host families, they were friends and for sure a real family to us! The school and teachers were great support in any decision we took in and out of school and on any difficulty and the friendships that had been formed ties to the rest of your life!

Seung-ah (Jenny) Hong

Seung-ah (Jenny) Hong

Hi, my name is Seung-ah (Jenny) Hong and I am a 4th year Bachelor of Management (Hons) student majoring in Marketing and French as a second major at University of Waikato. Once I was a student at Taradale High School and in my last year there I was a Head of International students. Taradale High School has provided many great opportunities to improve my leadership and communication skills which enormously helped me when I came to University.

I am currently President of Waikato Association of Korean Students (WAKS) Inc. where I am working with other Korean members to promote Korean culture to the Waikato community. I am also part of the planning team for the New Zealand Republic of Korea (NZROK) Friendship Society. This organisation builds bridges between the Korean and non-Korean community in NZ.

The Corporate Development in AIESEC Waikato Inc. is the largest youth run organisation in the world. My role as a leader in this organisation focuses on providing our members and university students with a variety of personal development opportunities.  Lastly, I am a Residential Assistant at Student Village, one of the Halls of Resident in Waikato University.

Through the University of Waikato I was awarded an overseas academic exchange programme financially supported by Education New Zealand NZUSAA Scholarship and WMS International Exchange Scholarship. I went to Yonsei University (South Korea) 2009 B semesters and University of California Berkeley (USA) in 2010 A semesters.

Thanks to all the experiences and opportunities I had at Taradale High School, I built up my strengths to become a leader in a community I live in. I am proud to be a former Taradale High School student.

Misaki Tojo

Misaki has very happy memories of her year at Taradale High School, and credits that year as life changing for her. She says she arrived a shy, withdrawn student with quite a negative attitude and developed a positive outlook and the confidence to believe in herself and enjoy life. Misaki attributes her enjoyment of the ‘Kiwi Lifestyle’ to her homestay family who ‘were the best in the world and treated me like their real daughter.’

In one year Misaki sat NCEA Level 2 qualifications and achieved excellence in most of her subjects. She has now left high school and is studying law at university in Tokyo. Her plans for the future include working for a Trading Company where she will have the opportunity to travel and use her English skills.