Blood Donor Day 10 May

April 7, 2017

Please see the explanation and brochure below, produced by one of our Year 10 Social Science classes that is running the Blood Donor Day on May 10 from 9am till 1pm.

Our Year 10 class is doing Level 1 Social Studies this year.

One of our standards is personal involvement in a social action. The social action we are involved in is organising blood donations at Taradale High School, working with NZBlood.

This event helps to save many lives in New Zealand and raises awareness of the need for blood. NZBlood are coming to Taradale High School on the 10th of May.

Blood donors have to be 16 or over and have to be over 50kgs. Blood donors have to not have had a piercing or tattoo in the past 6 months. All participants must remember to have a good breakfast and drink plenty of water. You must not be sick on the day to be able to give blood.

If you give blood you get a cookie afterwards.

Blood Donation

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