Next Steps

On this page there is information about the next steps in the enrolment process.

Have you accepted your Offer of Place?

In the email sent to you with your Offer of Place for 2022, there is a link to accept or decline your offer.  This must be completed by 24 September.

​​​​​​​Booking an Enrolment Interview Appointment

A compulsory interview is part of our enrolment process.  You will need to book an interview date and time.  Please find the information for this in our Guide.

Also contained in the Guide are questions the interviewer will ask you and your student. We include those so you will have time to consider your response.

Booking a Uniform Fitting

We will be conducting uniform fittings for Year 8 students on both the Enrolment Interview evenings as well as other dates. Each fitting should take approximately 20 minutes. All dates and times are listed in the Guide, as well as a link to make your booking.

Choosing Options

Read through the Subject Information and make sure your student has also.  At the Enrolment Interview, you will be asked to indicate which six (one term) option subjects your student would like to choose for next year. 

BYOD Information

In the Guide, there is helpful advice and information on BYOD devices to work with the THS network. This includes highly recommended specifications.

Year 8 Testing Information

To allow schools to best support students with their learning, high schools conduct half day entrance testing for the incoming Year 9 students. The dates and information for this are on the Year 8 Testing Information page in the Guide.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Paying for Uniform

    We endeavour to keep our uniform prices down and in line with other schools, but we are aware that the start of the school year is costly for families. To help with this, the school accepts payments by Automatic Payment (link to form below).  For more information around this, please read the Uniform Section of the Guide on this page.

    School Information and Enrolment Guide

    Please read through the School Information and Student Guide pdf on this page.  This includes information on:

    • Who to contact about different queries.
    • Student printing at school
    • Stationery for next year.
    • Information on recommended digital devices (BYOD).
    • Cyber-Safety.
    • How to make payments to the school when required.
    • Absence / Attendance Information.
    • Times of Day / Timetables.
    • Bus Information.
    • A "Who's Who" to help you orient to the school.
    • Safety and Emergency Procedures.
    • Homework and Study Expectations.
    • A Map of the School.
    • Additional Information, e.g. Reports, Peer Support, Sports, Lockers, Cell Phones and other relevant information.
    • THS Communication Channels - all the ways we communicate with you.
    • Uniform Requirements.

    Option Information - Choosing Six Options for 2022

    Subject Information for all options is in the Subject Selection Information booklet, make sure you and your student have read through it and also the course descriptions booklet. 

    At the Enrolment Interview, you will be asked to indicate which six (one term) option subjects your student would like to choose for next year.

    Each student has five core subjects; English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Physical Education.  Along with their six one term options, there are two compulsory one term options; Digital Technologies, and Health. This means that each student has seven subjects they are studying at any one time.  All core subjects and two one term options.  One term options change every nine weeks.

    Below there are links to a Careers Pathways pdf and our Course Structure (how courses link from Year 9 - Year 13 at THS).

    The Careers Pathways is an excellent resource from careers.govt.nz showing potential career pathways for different subjects.

    Please ensure you keep a copy of options chosen for stationery.


    There are links below that will take you to our Social Media platforms and other communication channels such as the school app, our newsletters and also the most recent of our Upcoming Events communication which is emailed to parents weekly and also sent via our THS School App.

    We add student achievements on Facebook, but we also add information such as reminders about parent teacher interviews or Teacher Only Day or times we have a Wet Lunch, when it is raining.  ​​​​​​​

    Newsletters are uploaded to our website twice a term and links are emailed to parents / caregivers.

    Our Upcoming Events bulletin is sent out every Thursday afternoon, via email and via our THS App (link below to download the app).

    We encourage you to download our THS App.  We use the app to send out weekly Upcoming Events bulletins, plus reminders of events at school, e.g. photos, parent teacher interviews, mufti days, wet lunch, events in the hall etc.