New Science Block

Opened at the start of 2017, this state of the art building is as good as a science facility gets, reflecting our hands-on approach to science with multiple laboratories, and all classrooms set up with the capability to run experiments.


The school has an extensive library providing excellent resources for students. The library staff have a special understanding of international students and will assist with any queries. Computers are available for students use.

Technology Suite

This renovated building incorporates kitchens and modern workshops. Home economics, nutrition, textiles, wood, and metal technologies are taught in specialised areas in this modern complex.


A wide selection of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks are available for staff and students. The canteen is open every day during interval and lunchtime. The menu is constantly changing to ensure foods are of high interest to students, with healthy nutritional ingredients.

Music & Drama Suite

Musical groups and individuals, including an orchestra, rock bands, jazz band, several choirs and chamber groups, make full use of the music suite before and after school. There are a wide variety of rooms available for individual and group tuition.

Sports Facilities

The school has its own extensive sports grounds. There are also multi-purpose courts, a gymnasium, weights room, dance studio, and an outdoor covered all-weather turf.

Uniform Shop

Conveniently located at school, this shop is the only place that sells the school uniform.

International Office

Staffed by the Dean of International Students or the International Coordinator, this office is accessible to international students for support and assistance. There is an adjoining room available for student use and study.