Resubmission Changes from 2021

Schools may offer a resubmission opportunity to students only when a minor error prevents them from reaching an ‘Achieved’ grade.

The only change in grade boundary available for resubmissions is from ‘Not Achieved’ to ‘Achieved.’

On this basis, the highest grade that can be awarded as a result of a resubmission of an internal assessment is limited to ‘Achieved’.

This Rule will apply from the beginning of the 2021 academic year.

Schools may continue to offer one resubmission for each assessment event against an Assessment Standard.

Derived Grade Information

If any student is sick or cannot attend their examination for any reason they must contact Ms Toni Dunstan ([email protected]).  Where appropriate they can applied for a derived grade or impaired performance. 

Should a student be unable to attend their exam because of a one-off traumatic event or ill health they may be able to apply for a derived grade.

Approved reasons for applying for a Derived Grade include:

  • a temporary acute non-recurring illness at the time of the examinations
  • significant conditions diagnosed after 1 October or traumatic event after 1 October
  • a current sudden and significant change to a long-term illness at the time of the examinations
  • trauma, misadventure, or exceptional circumstances at the time of the examinations

The student / parent must see or contact Toni Dunstan ([email protected]) to collect a derived grade form in the first instance. Copies will also be available at the school office. This form needs to have a section filled in by the doctor/specialist.

Further information can be found here or click the button below. Derived Grade process.

Derived Grade Application 2023

NZQA Forms and Information

Below are some information files and forms which are for the information / use of students doing NCEA subjects and their parents/caregivers.

​​​​​​​NCEA Student Survival Guide

Authenticity of Student's Work

Assessment Appeal Form

Missed Assessment Form

Senior School Assessment Procedures​​​​​​​ - Guidelines

NCEA Student Survival Guide

Please see the school’s NCEA Student Survival Guide which gives information our students will need in regards to assessments and other NCEA information. It also contains forms such as the Missed Assessment Form.

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