Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Management Team provides the educational leadership at Taradale High School. Ours is an experienced and vibrant team, consisting of:

  • Mr David Oliver, Principal
  • Mrs Stephanie Russell, Deputy Principal - Hetley House
  • Ms Helen Fouhy, Deputy Principal - Tareha House
  • Matua Marino Tiuka, Deputy Principal - Miller House
  • Ms Toni Dunstan, Deputy Principal - Kaiwhata House


The role of the Deans is to provide liaison with home as needed, and to ensure that students:

  • are feeling safe and happy
  • are working to the best of their ability
  • have a safe and positive learning environment
  • have positive interaction with peers
  • select the course appropriate to individual needs

Students can approach the deans at any time with concerns. Staff with concerns about students can make written referrals to deans. The deans interview the student and if necessary contact the family or caregivers. Weekly meetings are held between deans, the guidance counsellor and a member of senior administration to monitor the progress of students in each House.

Taradale High School Board

The School Board of Taradale High School consists of 5 elected parent representatives, 2 co-opted members, an elected staff representative, an elected student representative and the principal.

The School Board makes decisions relating to the governance of the school.

  • David Oliver (Principal)
  • Jemma McDade (Presiding Member)
  • Malcolm Bradley
  • Jason Evans
  • Sarah Gray
  • Duane Knowles 
  • Julie McGreevy
  • Neil Wood (staff representative)
  • Kees Tapine (student representative)
  • Jennie Arnold (Board Secretary)

School Charter

School Charter 2021

​​​​​​​School Charter 2022