Applying to Enrol as an In Zone Student

Online applications for the 2025 academic year open on 26 July 2024.

The closing date for applications to be made is by the end of the day, on Friday, 6 September at midnight.

General Information​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Enrolment" does not occur until all of the below conditions have been met.

All application procedures have been accepted as completed by the school, including:

  • completion of online enrolment form
  • sufficient proof of residence in our school zone
  • copy of birth certificate / passport is received by the school
  • comfirmation that the student is taking their offer of place
  • enrolment interview
  • option selection
  • any other requirements specified by the school

Attendance at the School commences; and

The student is first marked present on the School roll (the student MUST be living in our school zone when they begin attending school).

Applications for In Zone places can only be accepted once the student is living in the school zone with their parent(s) or legal guardian.

Proof of In Zone Residence

In order to prove that you are resident in our school zone, we must have a minimum of one of the following (the school reserves the right to request more than one piece of evidence):​​​​​​​

  • Electricity Account from within the last month with a parent / legal guardian's name, registered to the address in the question.
  • A Sale / Purchase Agreement for the home you are residing in (if you have moved recently); or a Tenancy Agreement if you are renting.  Please note that it must be a LEGAL Tenancy Agreement, not a written agreement between family members or friends.
  • A rates account for the property with the parents / caregivers names listed.

Online Application for Enrolment

Please click the button below to be taken to our Online Application for Enrolment form. Applications submitted BEFORE the opening date of 26 July, will not receive an acknowledgement until applications are open.

Applications for for all years close on Friday, 6 September. 

In Zone Application Timeline

Friday, 26 July

Online applications open, the deadline for applications to be in is Friday, 6 September. Please note that our entire application process is online. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Prospectuses (which include instructions for applying online) are given out to:

  • Taradale Intermediate
  • Meeanee School
  • Puketapu School
  • Tamatea Intermediate
  • St Patrick’s School
  • Parkside Christian School
  • Napier Intermediate

If you attend a different school than those above, you can come into, or call our school office and ask for a Prospectus.

Thursday, 15 August

Taradale High School's Open Evening from 6.30pm in the School Hall.

Friday, 6 September

Online applications close.

Friday, 13 September

Letters will be emailed (to the email address provided in your application) to students who have automatic entry to Taradale High School.​​​​​​​

If you have not received an email by this date, please contact Jennie Arnold on Monday 16 September by email, to [email protected]. Letters will be posted to students who do not provide an email address.

Friday, 20 September

Acceptance of place must be received, Taradale High School will tell you in your offer of place how to do this. ​​​​​​​

If an acceptance of place is not received by this date, it will be determined as non-acceptance and the place will be offered to another student