The school’s KAMAR portal is the online website that allows parents access to the school’s database. There you will be able to see the contact details we hold for your family; your son or daughter’s timetable; an attendance record of the year to date; an NCEA summary if he or she is a senior student; a full account record of fees charged and paid; as well as all reports issued.

We have decided to proceed with electronic reporting mainly for two reasons. The first is an attempt to make the school more sustainable, a long term goal that is going to become more important over time. The second is to save money, there is no extra cost to use the portal, and it is costly for paper, printing and postage. Any money saved can be redirected into classrooms at a time when budgets are being stretched.

Parents and students both have access through the same login but have different passwords so that students do not have access to all the information. If we already have your email address, you should have been emailed your username and both parent and student passwords.

To access the Parent Portal, go to this address: http://kamar.ths.school.nz

We advise that you copy (ctrl c) and past (ctrl v) your passwords into the respective boxes to avoid typing errors, although be careful not to select a blank space either before or after, as this will cause an error and not log you in.

Your feedback on the site is appreciated so I encourage you to email me with your thoughts. Also if you have difficulty in accessing the portal please contact us at [email protected].

NB:  You will need to have pdf reader software on your computer or device. If you do not have this at present it is available as a free download from http://get.adobe.com/reader